1.How long have you been in the rap game?

We started building the band around 2008 and the main members fell in place in 2014.

2.Who are your major influences in your music?

Funk, R&B, Jazz, Rock, and Hip Hop are the main influences through out our productions.

3.What is your first single?

The very first single we dropped in 2015 was “SLAM DANCE”.

4.Who Do You have On Your Album?

Frank Nitt is featured on “SLAM DANCE”.

5.How did you get into the rap game?

We been around rap music since the rise in popularity of the rap game, so it was only fitting.

6.Where were you born?

Detroit, Michigan. #Motown

7.Who would you like to work with that you haven’t already?

Eminem, TI, Lil Wayne, Drake, Rihanna, Jay Z, and a host of others.

8.Who do you think is the hottest rapper out?


9. Who do you think is the hottest producer out?

ZayToven, Soundwave, Lex Luger, Dr. Dre.

10.Who is your favorite artist?


11.How did you come up with your album title?

We are not focusing on no album just yet but we have a gang of hot singles to serve our fan base.

12.What is your favorite song on your album?


13.Which song on your album means the most to you?

The song “Girl 4 Me” is a record that means a lot to us because of its personal reflection on Love & Relationships.

14.Who are you signed with?

Sims Entertainment / SEC Records.

15.When is your album release date?

To Be Announced @ a later date.

16.What cities do you plan on touring?

SXSW festival in 2018.

17.What female rapper or artist you think is the sexiest?

Rihanna & Iggy Azalea.

18.What would you like to see from the music industry over the next two years?

A major recording deal.

19.What is your second single gonna be?

“GET HYGH” is our second single which has been followed up by our current and third single “Girl 4 Me”.

20. What are you doing to make money from your music right now?

Promoting our music on the internet.

21.Favorite drink in the club?

Apple Crown Royal, D’USS’E, Patron.

22.Favorite industry magazine?


23.Who got you started in the rap game?

Snoop & Dre.

24.How does your family feel about your music and your choice of career?

Very supportive.

25.Top 5 rap albums of all time?

Run D.M.C. “Run D.M.C.”, Dr. Dre “The Chronic”, Public Enemy “It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back”, Nas “Illmatic”, 2Pac “All Eye On Me”, Biggie Smalls “Ready 2 Die”

26.Favorite r and b group or solo artist?

TLC, Aaliyah, LSG, & Roger & Zapp.

27.Where do you see the rap game headed?

Continuing to grow and get BIGGER.

28.How do you usually come up with your songs?

There is not exact formula just being inspired by life and sounds.

29.What can we expect from you in the future?

More hits outta the DEF MACHINE Vault.

30. How Can People Reach You?

Social media, and live shows.